Benedict Cumberbatch, Olivia Colman To Star In ‘War of the Roses’ Remake

Benedict Cumberbatch and Olivia Colman will be gearing up for a nasty, on-screen divorce.

Cumberbatch and Colman will redefine the landscape of dark comedy with their latest project, The Roses, a creative reimagining of the 1989 classic The War of the Roses which originally starred Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner, and was directed by Danny DeVito. The upcoming remake will be directed by the versatile Jay Roach, known for his transition from comedy to drama with films like Bombshell, and produced under the prestigious banner of Searchlight Pictures, this film promises to delve deep into the complexities of a seemingly perfect marriage that turns sour. The narrative centers around Theo and Ivy, a couple whose life unravels as professional setbacks spark a bitter feud, bordering the fine line between love and hate.

Cumberbatch and Colman not only lead the cast as the estranged couple but also take on the roles of producers, bringing their vision to the forefront of this cinematic installment. Their involvement is a testament to their commitment to storytelling that pushes the boundaries of conventional cinema. The screenplay, penned by Tony McNamara, who recently earned accolades for his work on Poor Things, is poised to add a fresh perspective to the original story, which was lauded for its biting humor and insightful commentary on relationships.

Benedict Cumberbatch, recognized for his Oscar-nominated role in The Imitation Game and his recent appearance in Wes Anderson’s adaptation of The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar, continues to impress with his diverse filmography. Olivia Colman, who captured the Oscar for her performance in The Favourite, recently graced the screen in Wonka and is set to star in Paddington in Peru.

As they navigate their characters’ tumultuous journey, The Roses is anticipated to be a landmark film that resonates with viewers through its universal themes of love, conflict, and redemption. Storywise, how exactly the remake will differ from the original (or if at all), remains to be seen. However, with its blend of sharp wit and emotional depth, this story is bound to tell a bold statement on the enduring nature of human connections in the face of adversity.