HBO to Release New Penguin Series

That is Colin Farrel from The Batman (2022). That’s right, Collin Ferrel. The Penguin is an upcoming limited series crafted by Lauren LeFranc, slated for release on the streaming platform Max. Spun from the world of DC Comics, it serves as a spinoff from the movie The Batman (2022), delving into the ascent of the Penguin within the criminal labyrinth of Gotham City. In collaboration with Warner Bros. Television, LeFranc spearheads the series as its showrunner.

Colin Farrell headlines as the Penguin, reprising his portrayal from The Batman, alongside Cristin Milioti. The groundwork on this began in September 2021, with LeFranc on board as the writer and Farrell poised for his return. HBO Max promptly greenlit the series post the film’s early success in March 2022.

The Penguin is earmarked for a late 2024 debut on Max and will span eight episodes. Picking up a week post the events of The Batman, it trails the flooding of Gotham City. The series unfolds just before the sequel, The Batman – Part II (2026), laying the groundwork for subsequent narratives. Farrell highlighted the power vacuum in Gotham’s underworld post the demise of Carmine Falcone, triggering a cutthroat scramble for dominance. He also teased an “incredibly violent” saga for Oz (Oswald Cobblepot), beset by formidable challenges. While distinct from The Batman, the series is poised to build on the film’s narrative. Oz emerges as an unlikely protagonist fueled by a primal conviction in himself. By early March 2022, LeFranc had finalized the pilot script and outlined the arc for the inaugural season.

Farrell, having read the initial script in October 2022, lauded its distinct flavor and expressed his eagerness to delve deeper into the character’s envisioned evolution. The scripts were finished in May 2023, with Sarah Aubrey, HBO Max’s original content head, outlining the series’ intent to delve into Oz’s life in the Gotham streets and explore his multifaceted persona. One thing is certain, if the show is anything near as dark and well-made as the film, this will be one incredible series.