Jennifer Aniston Reveals the One Thing Lisa Kudrow “Hated” About Filming Friends

In a recent revelation that’s sure to surprise fans of the iconic sitcom Friends, Jennifer Aniston spilled the beans on a pet peeve of her co-star Lisa Kudrow. During a candid chat with Variety, Aniston shared that Kudrow, who played the eccentric Phoebe Buffay, wasn’t fond of hearing the audience laugh during filming. In fact, she “hated” it.

It’s almost hard to believe that the actress behind some of the most beloved comedic moments in TV history had an aversion to the very laughter her character often provoked. Yet, according to Aniston, Kudrow found the live audience’s reactions to be a bit of a distraction. She would be confused by the laughter, where, according to Anniston, she would exclaim “I’m not done. It wasn’t even that funny.” In the world of Friends, where timing and delivery were crucial, this quirk added an unexpected layer to Kudrow’s performance process.

Live audience sets for a scripted comedy show first started with I Love Lucy in 1951, which became a trend in comedy shows since then. Nowadays, it’s far less common for a scripted comedy show to feature a live audience. Friends was no exception to this — with Kudrow clearly preferring a quieter set. Although other popular shows like the Big Bang Theory continued this trend, it was shows like The Office which popularized a new form and style of comedy — moving away from the traditional live audience sets.

Aniston’s revelation provides a peek behind the curtain of the Friends set, a reminder that even seasoned actors have their own peculiarities and methods for staying focused on set. While most of the cast thrived on the energy of a live audience, Kudrow’s approach was more nuanced. Arguably, this tidbit adds to the charm of Kudrow’s portrayal of Phoebe, making fans appreciate her performance even more. It emphasizes the effort and concentration required to deliver such a consistently entertaining character, despite the distractions.

So, next time you watch Phoebe serenade the Central Perk crowd, remember that behind those hilarious moments was an actress who, despite the laughter, was focused on staying true to her craft in her own special way. Jennifer Aniston’s revelation is just another reason to love Friends and all its quirks.