Kevin Bacon Announces He’ll Attend ‘Footloose’ Final Prom

Kevin Bacon is gearing up for an unforgettable night at prom.

Last week, in front of a packed gymnasium filled with students from Payson High School in Utah — where the iconic movie Footloose was filmed — Bacon revealed his plans to attend the school’s final prom.

The news follows a spirited campaign launched by students to entice the actor to join their event. Payson High School is preparing to relocate after the current school year.

Dubbed the #BacontoPayson social media initiative, students rallied together, creating movie reenactments and meticulously choreographed videos in a bid to capture Bacon’s attention.

In a broadcast aired on the Today show, Bacon expressed his gratitude for the invitation, acknowledging the significant role the film and high school played in his life.

As Bacon confirmed his attendance during the announcement at the school, the assembled students erupted into cheers, anticipating an unforgettable evening ahead.

“Thank you, guys. Let’s dance,” Bacon said.