Multiple Homes Owned By Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs Raided By Homeland Security

As reported by multiple news outlets, the homes of music mogul Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs have been raided by federal officials due to a sex trafficking investigation. Homes in Los Angeles, New York, and Miami all were turned inside-out by Homeland Security during this investigation.

According to NBC News, multiple people have been interviewed by federal officials in New York. More interviews are also said to be coming on future dates. The allegations reportedly revolve around sexual assault, sex trafficking, and the distribution of firearms/illegal narcotics. Specifically speaking, it is unknown as to whether these allegations are focused centrally on Combs.

Authorities were able to enter Combs’ properties after securing warrants. Specifically as it pertained to Combs’ property in Los Angeles, a news helicopter flew over the home and showcased authorities entering the structure. Multiple people were shown to be on one of the lawns handcuffed, though it’s unknown as to who those people are.

Combs is no stranger to allegations. His ex-partner, musician Cassie, had accused Combs of physical and mental abuse. After filing a lawsuit against Combs in his native New York, the two parties ended up settling a day after the lawsuit was put forth. In the wake of the allegations, Combs future show on Hulu was cancelled.

To be clear, as of Monday afternoon, Combs has reportedly not been charged with anything. There’s a world in which these allegations are proven to be false. With that said, the constant heat Combs is receiving through multiple instances of sexually-based allegations have to be difficult to deal with.