The Cast of The Lord of the Rings — Then & Now

The epic fantasy trilogy The Lord of the Rings shines bright because of sweeping visuals, gorgeous music, and the bonds of friendship that exist between its main characters. Filled with both veteran actors and previously undiscovered talent, this is where the cast of the Oscar-winning trilogy has journeyed to since.

Then: Karl Urban as Eomer


Stalwart and decisive, Eomer is tasked with leading the Rohirrim while his uncle, King Theoden, is made hazy with dark magic. Eomer is a passionate battle commander whose temper has put him at the wrong edge of a blade more than once, but who desires to keep his people safe above all else. Coming to the aid of our heroes right when the Battle of Helm’s Deep seems lost, Eomer is able to rally all the horse lords of Rohan to push back Saruman’s forces. When King Theoden is defeated by the Witch King outside the gates of Minas Tirith, the people of Rohan mourn, but they are not lost. The role of king passes to Eomer, and Rohan could wish for no better leader.

Image Source: IMDb