‘Unfrosted’: Jerry Seinfeld Brings Pop-Tart Origin Story to Netflix

Everyone’s favorite childhood breakfast sugar bomb will be getting a Netflix movie.

Netflix has just unveiled the trailer for Jerry Seinfeld’s new movie, Unfrosted, slated for a May 3 release. This comedic film dives into the origin story of the Pop-Tart, depicting a fierce competition between Kellogg’s and Post during 1963 in Michigan. The breakfast “arms race” between the companies to invent a breakfast pastry would ultimately revolutionize morning meals, amidst a backdrop of intense ambition, betrayal, and a sugar-fueled cereal industry.

Seinfeld, who not only stars in but also directs and co-writes the film, had been mulling over this idea for years, even discussing it on The Late Show in 2010 and hinting at it in a 2018 social media post, explaining how he was obsessed with the breakfast treat ever since he saw it “pop out” of the toaster.

Unfrosted boasts an impressive ensemble cast, including comedy giants like Melissa McCarthy, Hugh Grant, Amy Schumer, and Jim Gaffigan, alongside other notable names such as Christian Slater, James Marsden, and Bill Burr. This marks Seinfeld’s first venture into feature film directing, collaborating on the script with Spike Feresten, Barry Marder, and Andy Robin. The storyline humorously elevates the breakfast battle to epic proportions, likening the race to invent the Pop-Tart to the intensity of the space race, complete with high stakes and dramatic developments.

With its unique blend of historical fiction and comedic storytelling, Unfrosted promises to offer viewers an entertaining look at one of breakfast’s most iconic inventions, all through the lens of Seinfeld’s comedic genius. As Netflix prepares to bring this sugary saga to screens worldwide, audiences are eagerly awaiting what is poised to be a delightful comedic treat, filled with laughs and nostalgia.

Fans can now watch the trailer, available online. The movie is currently slated for a May 3 release on Netflix.