People Share Stories Of Karma Finally Catching Up To Bullies, And We Can’t Get Enough

Bullies Getting Their Comeuppance

In a world where adversity often takes the form of bullies wielding their power, the stories that echo with the resonance of revenge serve as both cautionary tales and triumphant narratives. These tales paint vivid portraits of individuals who, after enduring torment, found the strength and cunning to orchestrate their own payback against those who once preyed upon them. From subtle acts of retribution to calculated displays of poetic justice, these stories stand as testament to the indomitable human spirit’s capacity for empowerment and reclamation. This collection unveils the satisfying allure of turning the tide, as victims metamorphose into architects of their own justice, embodying the age-old adage that what goes around, eventually comes back around.

20. Karma For Karen

When I was about 8 and my brother was 11, he got in trouble for punching a kid in the face on the school bus (my brother claims he was defending someone else…I don’t really remember it all that clearly).

My brother paid the price, was banned from the bus for a while, faced repercussions at school, and my mom made him apologize to the kid he punched in person.

A couple of months after the incident, the mother of the kid he punched decided to flip the crazy switch and sued my parents for mental anguish, claiming that her son now had crippling emotional problems stemming from the incident.

She showed up at board meetings, tried to get my brother expelled, painted a picture of my family as shady and my brother as a delinquent and violent.

My parents ended up escaping the legal battle with a little bit of dignity intact, but feeling ostracized in our community of 90 people.

Fast forward. I’m now 27, my brother is 30. My Mom sends a newspaper clipping to him in the mail. It’s the indictment of the crazy mom from our childhood.

Come to find out, she had been embezzling money from her employer for 5 years, totaling more than $50,000. May have taken two decades, but she finally got what was meant for her.


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