Teachers Share Their Most Hilarious Stories From the Classroom, And We Can’t Get Enough

25. The Sound of Music, Principal’s Office Style

Music teacher here. Kid asked a girl in my class if she ever played an instrument. She said yes and he proceeded to ask if it was the skin flute. I had about six weeks of teaching under my belt at the time.

Principal grills this kid with me in his office along with the female vice principal. Starts demanding to know what a skin flute is. The kid clams up super quick. After another couple of minutes of the same repeated question the kid starts sheepishly pointing at his crotch…18 different shades of red and purple in front of the female VP.

My principal at the time was an absolute clown who would go over the line frequently. By now I’m hiding my head doing everything in my power to not laugh. He’s finally had enough of this kids non answers about what a skin flute is. This 6’4″ man stands up over his desk and bellows “WAS IT A DISNEY MOVIE, DAN”?

I’m f*****’ done. Praying my career didnt end there. Finally kicks the kid out of his office and the three of us shit ourselves laughing for the next 15 mins. Like tears rolling down our faces laughing. The VP and I were dying trying to tell him how hard we were working to stifle our laughter!