First Look: Paul Mescal, Pedro Pascal Star in Gladiator II

Ridley Scott has returned to the arena of Gladiator, and this time he has brought Paul Mescal and Pedro Pascal with him. Following the completion of films like Napolean and The Last Duel, Ridley Scott is once again aiming high in this latest film Gladiator II. While there has been no trailer as of yet, there is an official poster featuring Paul Mescal, in addition to a trailer release that was shown to a private audience to much applause.

While this sequel will (understandably) star without Russell Crowe from more than two decades ago, this foray into the arena will center around Paul Mescal’s character Lucius Verus who was forced into slavery and must become a renowned gladiator. At some point, he will also stand toe-to-toe against Marcus Acacius, played by Pedro Pascal. Other stars in the cast feature Denzel Washington, Connie Nielson, Joseph Quinn, and many more.

While Russell Crowe famously disliked the script to the original Gladiator, Paul Mescal had a different opinion for this upcoming film, stating in an interview with Vanity Fair, that he was excited about how the various themes explored in the script would come into play. In a discussion he had with director Scott, he said they spent “15 minutes talking about the film, and another 10 minutes talking about the sport I played growing up — Gaelic football.”

Stranger Things star Joseph Quinn will play the new Caesar (who will decide the fate of the arena warriors), while Pedro Pascal plays one of these warriors. Denzel Washington plays a power broker.

The film will be set in Malta, which is the same place where they shot the first film. Additionally, they will bring back some original Gladiator crew, such as costume designer Janty Yates and production designer Arthur Max.

The trailer is heavily rumored to debut in the next few days to weeks. The film itself is set to release on November 22 in theaters.