RANKED: 25 Best Star Wars Characters From Worst To Best

25. Boba Fett


In perhaps a twist as shocking as the reveal of Luke Skywalker’s father, the notorious bounty hunter Boba Fett lands at the bottom of our list — but the galaxy’s coolest armor cannot distract from his lack of function as a glorified action figure. He tracks Han Solo to Cloud City, but does nothing to help capture him. In the battle on Jabba’s sail barge, he confronts Luke Skywalker — only for the Jedi to disarm him and soon be thrown into the writhing mouth of the Sarlacc.

Attack of the Clones gave Fett a more solid narrative foundation (he is in fact a clone from the original Stormtrooper template) but as of late it pales in comparison to Star Wars’ latest venture into the warrior culture of the Mandalorians. Disney+’s titular character is everything Fett should have been — brutal, effective, and looks darn cool while doing it. The loving legions of fans have always been the Kyber crystal of the saga — its true power source. It is perhaps the greatest visible feat of the fanbase that their love for Boba Fett has put him into the mainstream alongside a pantheon of far more active characters.