Ranking the 25 Greatest Western Films of All Time

25. Open Range


Original Release — August 15, 2003

Released in 2003, Open Range is among the youngest entries on our list — but director and star Kevin Costner’s attention to period detail and gritty character development makes it one of the best films the genre has seen as of late. Robert Duvall and Costner play perfectly well off each other as two open-range cattlemen — herders who can move their cattle regardless of lack of land ownership.

When a smarmy cattle baron attacks their well-intentioned friends/employees, ex-solder Costner is out for blood — and blood is what he finds. Open Range reflects on guilt, regret, and the way men are forced to operate in a relatively lawless society. Featuring one of the best shootouts the genre has ever seen, Costner and Co. never forget the lonely characters at the center of its narrative.