The 25 Greatest Rom-Coms of All-Time

25. Moonstruck

Moonstruck (1987) is a quirky, fun rom-com that has made an impact on the genre in a myriad of ways. Not only did this romantic comedy earn Cher an Academy Award for Best Actress, but it also embedded her delivery of the line “snap out it!” (followed by a powerful slap to Nicolas Cage) deep into pop culture. Moonstruck follows Loretta Castorini (Cher) — a widow who begins to fall in love with her fiancé’s brother, Ronny (Cage).

This movie is as playfully chaotic as any movie about falling in love with your fiancé’s brother should be. It also has great acting, witty dialogue, and absurdly hilarious plots (re: Ronny’s wooden hand.) There’s nothing to dislike about this movie, and it’s perfect for a night where you just want to laugh (and maybe see Cage get slapped).

Image Source: NY Daily News Archive/Getty Images