40 of The Most Ridiculous Courtroom Stories Involving Lawyers and Clients

40. Age Has Its Advantages

As a young attorney, I had started a claim that an insurance company was dragging out a case in bad faith. This was in hopes that my elderly client would die before they had to pay him. I was requesting that the trial date be given priority due to my client’s advanced age. The judge was no spring chicken himself, and seemed skeptical when he asked exactly how old my client was. He was maybe thinking that my client was in his 70’s — and must merely seem ancient to a baby lawyer like me.

When I responded that my client was 92, and the case has already gone on for 5 years, the judge was visibly shocked. He immediately granted my motion for priority, shutting down the insurance company’s attorney’s attempt to respond. They wrote us a check for a million dollars the next week.