Students Share These Stories About the Worst Teachers Ever

25. Picking On The Deaf Kid

I’m deaf and wear two hearing aids. As punishment, my third grade teacher used to take off my hearing aids and make me sit in the hallway alone.

She did this several times, I don’t really remember how long it lasted since it was 26 years ago, but my best friend told my mom. I didn’t know it was even wrong. I trusted the authority of teachers.

I can’t even remember what I did, but I know it didn’t take much to set her off. She also absolutely loved singling kids out in class and embarrassing them.

She would dump the contents of your desk out in front of the class and make you clean it up while everyone watched if you took too long getting out a book or pencil.

Once we had swimming lessons. Afterwards I couldn’t find my underwear, but I was so afraid of being late that I just went commando and later tried to whisper to her that I couldn’t find my underwear. She yells out in front of the entire class, “You’re not wearing your underwear!!??”

Her name was Mrs. Baron. In the 5th grade I won a writing contest about the evil Red Baron who got shot down in the skies by Ace, a top dog fighter. I got my revenge through the pen. Oh, and my bulldog of a mother. 🙂