‘Blade Runner 2099’ Begins Filming with Michelle Yeoh and Hunter Schafer in Lead Roles

Production has officially kicked off for Blade Runner 2099. Filming is taking place in Prague, Czech Republic — where it is the first time the city has been used as a set for a major production. There are plans to also film in Barcelona.

While Michelle Yeoh and Hunter Schafer have already been confirmed as lead roles, production has now added upwards of nine new cast members. The new additions include Dimitri Abold (The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes), Lewis Gribben (Somewhere Boy), Katelyn Rose Downey (The Nun II), Daniel Rigby (Renegade Nell), Johnny Harris (A Gentleman In Moscow), Amy Lennox (Only Child), Sheila Atim (The Woman King), and Matthew Needham (House of the Dragon). To which extent each cast member will be making regular appearances or playing which roles remain to be seen.

No further details beyond this have been revealed at this stage, so any information about the plot remains secretive. All we can deduce as of now is that the TV series will take place following Blade Runner 2049.

Acting as executive producer and showrunner is Silka Luisa, who also served as showrunner and producer for Shining Girls, Halo, and Strange Angel. Working alongside Luisa is Ridley Scott and other members of Alcon Entertainment, who acquired the rights to produce prequels and sequels in the Blade Runner name. Shōgun‘s Jonathan van Tulleken will be directing the first initial episodes.

The excellent Rob Hardy is confirmed as cinemetographer for the first episodes. He has major experience in science fiction with previous experience in Ex Machina and Annihilation, both widely praised for their cinematography.

Blade Runner 2099 has been under wraps for quite some time. The project was first announced in 2021, with Amazon confirming the series will be on their platform. It was formally greenlit in 2022, and now filming is officially underway as of today.