‘Harry Potter’ HBO Series Lands ‘Succession’ Creative Duo as Writer and Director

Ready your wands, the Harry Potter HBO series is happening, and now they’ve captured two big names in their creative effort to push the boundaries of the series even further. One of them is Francesca Gardiner, a writer for Succession and will serve as a showrunner. The other half of the duo, the executive producer of Succession, Mark Mylod, will serve as director and executive producer. These hires are a major acquisition for the series, as Succession remains one of the hottest shows on television, winning multiple awards and accolades.

Additionally, it was announced that JK Rowling, the original author of the series, will serve as an executive producer — where she will give guidance on the creative direction for both accuracy and fleshing out previously untouched storylines. Reflective of this emphasis on accuracy, HBO themselves said that this series was fully intended to be a “faithful adaptation” and will put in meticulous attention to detail to fulfill this promise.

HBO has also stated they prefer to have the creative directors in place before continuing filming plans. Now that these roles have been filled, they will now look towards casting. With this in mind, the series is expected to premiere around 2026. The series itself has been under wraps since April 2023. These new forays into the Harry Potter universe is a welcome one, as we haven’t had any substantial additions since perhaps the video game Hogwarts: Legacy, which released in 2023.

These new additions have major credentials. Mylod won an Emmy in 2023 for directing Succession. Mylod also has experience on Game of Thrones, Last of Us, and Entourage. Meanwhile, Gardiner also won an Emmy in 2023 for consulting producer on Succession and won the same award in 2022.

This new TV series in the Harry Potter universe is sure to excite fans, especially considering the emphasis on accuracy. The big question that remains following this announcement is the potential of even more new projects in Harry Potter, with fans hoping for more shows, games, and much more content to consume.